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Yonex Racket Demo Day

Yonex Racket
Demo Day
May 6th, 2023
9:30 – 10:45 AM

This upcoming Saturday, May 6th, we are excited that Yonex will bring their latest badminton rackets for USBO members to try out. If you are not a member, you can join as a guest-member to participate in the Yonex Demo Day. Use the link on the right to register for the event.

Sunnyvale Community Center
Indoor Sports Center Gymnasium
550 E Remington Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

What You Need 2 Do

  1. Registration is REQUIRED to participate in the event. Use the link above.
  2. Bring your Photo ID (US Government issued ID, Driver License, or local High School ID) REQUIRED
  3. Bring at least 1 friend / partner so that you can test the racket together.
  4. Bring YOUR own shuttlecocks – You need it to test the rackets

What to Expect

A Yonex representative will have the latest Yonex rackets for you to demo. In order to demo the racket, you need to provide the staff with you Photo ID (US Government issued, Driver License, or local High School ID)

You will be given a chance to demo racket for approximately 5-10 minutes on court. You will be sharing half of badminton court with others who are also demoing/testing rackets. After the 5-10 minutes demo, you will be required to return the racket so that other participants may use the court and test rackets. You can repeat to demo/test other racket once the court is available.

NO PLAYING GAME IS ALLOWED. USBO reserves the right to remove participant from the venue and event if needed.